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Sept 2018 Vol 24 # 9 . Keyword Search Tools Help Your Youtube Channel Grow

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Keyword Search Tools Can Help Your Channel Grow

By Howard Berenbon

Now that you are running your Youtube channel and making some great fun videos, you may need some help and advice on how to promote those videos. Who knows, they could go viral, but that sometimes takes a little luck, or skill if you know how to do it. Here are a few tips on how to promote those soon to be viral videos using a keyword search tool.

To get those videos in the public eye you need to know how to put your keywords in the Title and Description. Youtube uses both to index your submissions, and if the keywords are popular, you have a very good chance at getting noticed through a Youtube search.

I installed two different keyword extension utilities in my Chrome browsers to see how they worked, and if they could help me improve my views and gain subscribers. The two are vidIQ and Keywords Everywhere, both free to use. Here's what you can do with the data.

1. After you've created your video, enter the keywords that are related to your subject and find the keywords with the highest search volume and place them in your Youtube video title and in your description.

2. Search for subjects that are popular or trending, then enter keywords relating to that popular subject. Then plan a video related to the trending topics and use the related keywords with the highest monthly searches in your Title and Description. This will help get views and subscribers.

Keywords Everywhere

After you install this extension, when you go a Google search, Keywords Everywhere gives you the monthly volume of searches for the keywords you entered. Also, in the middle of the screen they display statistics for related keywords.


vidIQ offers several utitiles to help Youtube creators including a keywords tool. After you install the extension, you need to sign up for an account. This keyword utility only gives results when searching in Youtube. After you enter your search terms, vidIQ displays a monthly volume for that search term, and then on the right side of the screen it displays related keywords with their statistics, very similar to Keywords Everywhere stats.

Good luck using these utilities, and visit my channel to let me know how you're doing. If you subscribe, I would be happy to evaluate your channel and offer suggestions and improvements.

Youtube Creators Help Forum

If you started a Youtube channel and want to get help and advice on the "howtos" of running your channel, then subsribe to my channel, Cyber Times LLC where I have a new series entitled Youtube Creators Help Forum. If you like to see the current episodes, visit my channel, Youtube channel, Cyber Times LLC with this link and subscribe.

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