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July 2018 Vol 24 # 7 . Snooping Around with Your Drone

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Snooping Around with Your Drone

By Howard Berenbon

Okay, we're heading headstrong into summer with warm weather and lots of rain here in Detroit. Warm weather with some sun, but not rain, alllows me to fly my drone around town, for fun and some seriously useful uses. Recently, and in the past I've used my DJI Phantom 4 to inspect my roof, especially after windy rain storms. And, in doing so I found some missing shingles. That's one great use for my drone. Here's the clip. Okay, it's boring, but it shows what you can do with your high tech toy (it's sort of like a toy, but very expensive). It's actually save me thousands from possible home damage by finding and replacing those shingles before stuff happended. I've been inspecting my roof 3 or 4 times a year since I got the DJI Phantom 4 in 2016. Also flew it to inspect a water main break repair a few blocks away, and got some nice video for my Youtube channel, Cyber Times LLC (please subscribe!).

In my latest video, as of July 1st, I flew over the road construction from a hospital behind our house to a main road, about a half mile away. Took the drone up to it's maximum 400 feet (it was actually at 392 feet). The road still needs paving, but my DJI Phantom captured some great video of the progress--they're almost done.

Roof Inspection


Road Construction


I also do some funny and odd puppet parodies if you like that kind of stuff, so please stop by. And subscribe!



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