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September 2017 Vol 23 # 9 . Some Great Free Photo and Video Resources on the Web

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Some Great Free Photo and Video Resources on the Web

By Howard Berenbon

If you create content for social networks like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, to mention a few, then you need to know about some great free resources online. I list several sites that offer open source, and copyright free content (photos, audio, videos) you can use to enhance your creativity online. Hundreds of sites are there for the picking, but I regularly use a few, some you may know, and some you may not have considered as open source and free use, so here they are.

Open Source Resources


If you want photos with an outer space theme, all NASA's photos are open source. But photos aren't he only resouces. Video clips of anything NASA are available for download and use. In fact, I recently needed an explosion clip in a video I was producing, and I could have purchased one online, but after some thought, I headed directly to NASA's photo and video gallery and found lots of clips, including videos of rockets launches taking satallites or payloads into orbit, and even animations. Here's the direct link

I used a short clip of a night rocket launch zooming in on the engines, and repeated it a few times, including reversing one clip, to get my fire ball. Then added some explosion sound effects and it was pefect. is an open source site for professional quality stock photos. Use their search feature to find the perfect photo for your project. They offer over 200,000 really high quality photos high resolution images, and they're free to use for personal or businss use. Though it's not necessary, they suggest giving the author credit with a link back from your site. is another site for copyright free, professional, stock photos and vidoes, similar to The contents are realeased under Creative Commons CCO, free for business (commercial) or personal use, without requiring permission or giving credit to the photographer. They have over one million images and videos, including clipart, for the taking. You'll need to sign up for an account before you have access. And, if you contribute your own photos, you can search the site without ads and sponsored images (from Shutterstock or GraphicStock. You can also browse their catagory list of photos at the bottom of the home page to narrow your search. Check them out! Video Library

Another little know source for free videos (with restrictions) is, our own governent provided video resource for anyone interested in tapping over 233,000 hours and climbing of US government related news media since 2007. This is a resource for anyone interested in politics including reporters, authors, researchers, political pundants or anyone needing up to date information on what's happening in the US government.

Here's a quick link to the video library

C-SPAN does have some use restrictions. Mainly, you can use any video for personal, non-commercial use without a license but C-SPAN must be attributed as the source of the video. However, for commercial use you generally need a license from C-SPAN with some exceptions:

1. All uses of the video of the House and Senate floor proceedings are permitted because it is in the public domain.

2. Individuals are permitted to use C-SPAN video coverage of nonfederal politics and policy events on a public Internet site through a simple license.

3. Organizations and entities are permitted to use C-SPAN video coverage of federal government events and nonfederal politics and policy events on a public Internet site through a simple license.

4. A media organization may license C-SPAN video for use in regularly scheduled newscasts.

Contact C-SPAN for more information on licensing.

Stills from a Video

For those us mainly use photo stills in their work or projects, it's easy to capture a still photo from any video clip. You'll need a decent video editor that offers a command for saving a still from your video. I use Adobe Premier Pro CS6 and the command for capturing a still is Control Shift E. HB


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