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Mar. 2017 Vol 23 # 3 . How to Attract More Youtube Subscribers to Your Channel

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How to Attract New Youtube Subscribers to Your Channel

By Howard Berenbon

I have had an active Youtube Channel for over a year now with tech reviews and puppet parodies.  It has been slow going for gaining subscribers.  Several methods are available for increasing your visibility and subscriber base.  One is using a thumbnail generator to make your videos more attractive as people look at what’s available after a subject search.  For sure, a thumbnail that stands out can attract attention, and I have been using a browser add-on called TubeBuddy for just that. It offers several tools to help you analyze and track your videos, plus an excellent thumbnail generator program. TubeBuddy let’s you customize your thumbnails by adding art, photos and text over a background you select.  By adding bright colored bars (like red or yellow), with your keyword text , a photo that will attract interest, you can definitely generate more views, and maybe more subscribers.  But, in February, I tried something different: a puppet giveaway to attract new subscribers.

Tubebuddy Thumbnails


Using a Contest, Giveaway or Sweepstakes To Attract Youtube Subscribers

I know of a lot methods suggested by many seasoned Youtubers to help you get subscribers, and I’ve tried a few, like beefing up your thumbnails, as suggested above.  I noticed that many of the popular Youtube channels give things away, and I had a brilliant idea (though not my own).  I decided to give away a fully body ventriloquist type puppet because many of my videos use puppets in political and non political parodies.  I've also used some puppets in tech product reviews.  In some of my other Web endeavors  I have set up a few sweepstakes to give away product in a random drawing, so I knew what to do.  But, before I started, I acquired a 25” Silly Puppet brand puppet from a sponsor, who I offered advertising on the entry page.  Then I bushed up on the laws and rules for contests, sweepstakes and giveaways, and began designing the sweepstakes entry form and Web page. See sample page with form from my February drawing

Sweepstakes Entry Form


If you think setting up a sweepstakes is something you’d want to do, I check with an attorney so you work within the laws.  Some states do not allow their residents to enter contests or sweepstakes, and others have restrictions.  I found that offering a giveaway outside the US can cause legal problems, so it may be best to avoid entries from foreign countries by saying “US Residents Only”.  Also, shipping outside the US can cost a lot.

So, to start, decide what you want to give away.  Then either ask for sponsor to donate a product in exchange for advertising or link back on your sweepstakes page.  You will need to hire someone to set up the sweepstakes Web page and entry form.  Click to see a sample of my sweepstakes Web page with entry form.  Make sure your designer adds a Captcha to your form.  That’s a trap question to eliminate robots that try to scam and spam your forms.

Don’t forget to make a Youtube video about your sweepstakes.  That can also generate more subscribers.

I had this sweepstakes page up for about 5 weeks and it generated about 53 new Youtube subscribers, and I was pleased.  I was giving away a puppet, and that may limit the audience. If you give away something more popular, you may add many more subscribers, depending on what content you offer in your Youtube channel. 

Also, I have a short Youtube video talking about this very subject.  Please check it out at and subscribe to my channel especially if you like political puppet parodies.

See you soon.


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