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March 2019 Vol 25 # 3 . Webmasters: Fix that NOT SECURE Website Notification!

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Webmasters: Fix that Not Secure Website Notification

By Howard Berenbon

If you're a Webmaster and in the last few months noticed the Not Secure notification at the top of your Website next to the URL box, then you're not alone. If you click on the button it says, in so many words: Warning, this site is insecure and run. Well, not exactly run away, but that warning will worry most people, and they will likely leave. Not good for sales if you are an Internet merchant.

not secure

Somewhat alarmed, and not knowing what to do, I did a Google search and found that in 2017 Google made some policy changes for data security and privacy reasons. They now require all Websites to install an SSL certificate so that the Website data that's transferred through forms, emails, passwords, or whatever, are encripted and protected. However, in the past, an SSL certificate was only required if you accepted credit cards for services, or as a merchant, for your shopping cart, to protect personal and financial data. When the site is secure, the URL will have an "s" after the http, as https://.

I have been aware of this requirement for a few months now after talking to customer service at who is my registrar and hosts some of my sites. They said the SSL certificate is necessary and they had various prices and options. I said I'd think about it. But then I had to act fast after one my browsers flagged my site as unsafe.

If your site is unprotected, then you should shop around for pricing. I found prices all over the map from $15 up to $200 a year. Godaddy wanted $75 a year to secure one site, but multiple sites (I think five) would cost $220 a year. Another company that I host with is, and they said that offer a general SSL certificate at no cost. I liked no cost, for sure.

So, if you manage Websites that don't yet have a secure certificate for encripting data, then now is the time to act!



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