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AddWeb Website Promoter Version Professional Edition from Cyberspace Headquarters, LLC

By Howard Berenbon

Designing a Website and making work is just about half of what you need to do before you can make a profit on the Internet.  A big part of launching a successful Internet business is getting people to see your site when they search on your particular product or service.  This is difficult, and sometimes impossible, unless you have some good Internet tools to help get you noticed.  One such tool I’ve recommended and used over the years (since 1999) is AddWeb Website Promoter from Cyberspace Headquarters in West Hills, California.  I first reviewed AddWeb 3.0 in my November 1999 column, and AddWeb 7.0 in December 2004.  So, it’s about time for an update because AddWeb Version is out with added features and is better than ever.

Now, with AddWeb 8.0 you’ll find 19 tools (4 more than AddWeb 7.0) for Website optimization, maintenance, submission and page ranking promotion to help get your Website near the top of the search results, ahead of your competitors.  You can upgrade from an older version, or buy new.  Whatever you do, don't hesitate to get in on the latest version of AddWeb.  You can submit to thousands of search engines, directories and link sites in a matter of minutes, analyze your site for maximum search engine positioning, get live statistics on your Website traffic, build doorway pages for more exposure, track your page ranking in the major search engines, plus use the latest tool:  reverse-spider a search engine to find out what page elements will help your site, and what will hurt, so you can avoid them.

Before you submit, you will want to use AddWeb's PageAdviser to analyze your pages and check the content that can affect your Web site's position placement.  You don't want to submit your site and then get penalized by a search engine for content not accepted by that engine, or not get the ranking you need when people search for key words or phrases specific to your Website. 

After you've optimized your pages, it’s safe to submit.  Enter your site information, select the search engines, pick your categories, enter your keywords, enter your SMTP server and e-mail address, and you're ready to go.  If you have any questions, there are more than 40 articles, FAQs and several text and video tutorials to help you through.  When you’re ready, click “Promote” then click “Submission” under the promote menu.  Next, load your Website profile and then click “Start Submission” to begin the process.  On screen you’ll see the submission and the percentage finished.  When it reaches 100 percent, you’re done.  This will take about a minute.  That’s it.  You can view the submission report to see what engines and indexes accepted your site.  Now, it’s hurry up and wait, because it can take up to 3 months before your Website URL appears in the engines.

Here's what you get with AddWeb 8.0:


Submits your website to thousands of search engines in minutes.


Exchange links with thousands of other webmasters with this utility.

Page Advisor

Automatically analyzes your web pages and shows you changes required to get the best search engine ranking for your content.


Use Page Builder to optimize your web site for top ranking on search engines.  It automatically inserts position-boosting code like META tags and Heading tags.

Rank Check

After submission, use this tool to check your ranking on the major search engines.  It also compares your results with your competitors.

Pay Submissions

Some search engines are now charging a fee for fast submission.  This tool allows access to those sites and services including pay per click sites.

Search Tool

This tool within AddWeb 8.0 allows you to search all the major engines at once to check your competitions' ranking.


Check who's visiting your site.   Statistics include their origin and the keywords they used to find you.


The reporter gives you detailed reports on submission, optimization and ranking and includes the list of search engines with success and failures.  It offers several output options.

FTP Uploader

Includes a File Transfer Protocol utility so you can quickly upload your optimized pages to your Web space.

Keyword Finder

Get suggestions on what keywords to use based on actual searches done on the Internet. Simply enter a keyword that matters to you and get a list of alternate keywords, as well as their popularity.

Knowledge Base This is a full tutorial on search engine positioning. You’ll learn what helps your site rise in the rankings and what makes it drop.

ROI Calculators

Track the value of each visitor to your Website, and what advertising budgets you should set.

Domain Manager

Quickly find detailed information on most domains. Use this program to track domains names that you’re interested, but are already registered and coming up for renewal.  Add them to your watch list so you can pick them up when they are available (this doesn’t always work, because domains can be locked and unavailable even after the registration has expired).

Keyword Manager

Use this interface to manage which keywords you want to target with varied domains.


Automatically monitors your websites for downtime and conenction speed. It can e-mail you or call your cell phone when it detects a problem.

HTML Validator

The HTML Validator will quickly scan your web pages for valid HTML and produce a report with any problems it finds.

Link Checker

Quickly scans your Web pages for broken or improper links


A full-featured HTML editor built directly into the AddWeb interface

Three versions are available: The Deluxe edition is recommended for the small company with a single Web site, at $69.99.  The Platinum edition is recommended for the medium size Web site with no more than 10 URLs, at $149.99.  The Professional edition is recommended for the large company and can handle unlimited URLs, at $299.99.  If you own AddWeb 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, 6.0 or 7.0, you may upgrade to AddWeb 8.0 for a reduced price.

This is an essential product that you need if you run an E-commerce Website and want to improve your search engine ranking.  The price is right  (starting at $69.99) and it’s easy to use with excellent reporting features and clear documentation. 

AddWeb Website Promoter Version from Cyberspace Headquarters, LLC, works on any multimedia PC with a Pentium processor running Windows 9x/Me/2000/NT/XP.

If you'd like to try before you buy, you can download an actual working demo.

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