October 2006

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WildPresenter Lite Flash Design Tool

By Howard Berenbon

In April 2006 I reviewed WildPresenter, a new and innovative Flash (swf) animation program for designing Flash presentations from WildForm. Now, a more affordable version called WildPresenter Lite is available for just $99, with just a few less features the standard version.

After a quick download and installation, you'll be designing your Flash presentations in no time (slide shows, flowcharts, ads, buttons, sales presentations and more). From the main menu you can open a recent project, create a new project or use their project wizard to guide you through your design.

WildPresenter Lite includes several tools to help you easily create professional looking Flash designs. You'll start from within their editor designing one slide at a time: adding text, graphics and special effects. You have access to hundreds of animation and transitions you can add to any object in your slide. When you're done, you can preview your project, and make changes until it's just right. Finally, you'll export your completed Flash design, saving it as an swf file.

If you want to add animated banners to your Website, or design that perfect presentation for school or work, then WildPresenter Lite is just what the computer doctor ordered. And, at just $99, you'll have a great design tool, that's really affordable. For more information visit wildform.com.

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