December 2006

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Dance Dance Revolution SuperNova for the Sony PlayStation 2 from Konami

By Becky Berenbon

Fans of the popular arcade game will love this at-home version. In Dance Dance Revolution SuperNova, the goal is to hit the correct arrows on your dance mat (sold separately) with your feet as the arrows on the screen the top set of arrows. The more exact you are with hitting the arrows, the higher your score is. There are difficulties ranging from beginner to expert, based on a number of factors, so anyone can play. This game also supports the EyeToy (sold separately), allowing you to use your feet and hands. Dance to popular music by artists such as Fallout Boy and Kelly Clarkson, often with music videos in the background.

Need to get more exercise? This is the perfect game for you- it's a real workout!  After a few songs, it's easy to work up a sweat. There is even a workout mode, where it tells you how many calories you've burned so far.

Prove your skills in Stellar Master Mode, where you complete Stellar Joints by doing trials and showdowns. When you win a showdown, you are rewarded with a VIP card. This allows you to access new characters, arrows, music, modes, courses, and stages that you can purchase in the shop with points you've earned from game mode.

Dance Dance Revolution SuperNova is a very addictive game. It's always fun to try to beat your last score, or to go one difficulty level higher. It is impossible to "beat"- you can keep on playing forever, even if you have unlocked everything you can.  I had a lot of fun playing DDR Supernova.  It sells for $39.99.

Becky Berenbon

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