Microsoft’s Vista Operating System Has Arrived . February 2007 . Vol. 13 No. 2

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Microsoft’s Vista Has Arrived

By Howard Berenbon

Are you ready to drop your old Windows operating system and switch to the latest and greatest system now fresh and new for your PC?  Well, it was five years in the making, and now Vista, the new Windows operating system from Microsoft Corporation is ready for your viewing (and installation) pleasure online from Microsoft or from your local computer and office supply chain (Best Buy, Office Depot, Staples, CompUSA, OfficeMax and more).  Will you upgrade, or won’t you?  Here are the details, and then you decide.

Before you decide to upgrade, you should visit and see a demo.  My first impression is that Vista is much more graphics oriented than earlier Windows, and almost Mac like.  And the Mac graphic interface is one reason why it is so popular with graphic designers and artists.  Alls Vistas features are enhanced over older Windows version and many new tools are provided, including graphics, sound and entertainment features.

Basically, Windows Vista, is easier to use, with better access to your data, more secure and offers more support for the business user.  It also includes new and improved tools, and is much more multi-media oriented.  Four versions are available depending on your need:  Home Basic, Home Premium, Ultimate and Business.  Also, features listed below vary depending on the edition you purchase.

Vista Features

So, you can see, Vista offers some very new features like DVD maker and a high definition movie maker, an improved look, easier searching, improved security and data protection and more (depending on the versions you buy).  And it’s the best choice for people with notebook computers.

For more information, go to your local software retailer, or click to visit  One reason to buy from, is that you don’t have to leave your house, and the product is delivered right to your doorstep.  My wife is all for this concept in buying.   She works all day, and doesn’t want to stop and fight the crowds or lines at our local computer retailer when it’s just so easy to click a button at your home computer and buy online, and wait maybe a few days for delivery

Vista Upgrade and Full Version Pricing

Microsoft Windows Vista Home Basic UPGRADE--$99.95
Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium UPGRADE--$153.99
Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate UPGRADE--$249.99
Microsoft Windows Vista Business UPGRADE--$191.99
Microsoft Windows Vista Home Basic FULL VERSION--$191.99
Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium FULL VERSION--$227.99
Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate FULL VERSION--$379.99
Microsoft Windows Vista Business FULL VERSION--$284.99