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December 2015 . Vol. 21 No. 12

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Add a Car Rear View Backup Camera for Driving Safety

By Howard Berenbon

Today, many new cars are equipped with a rear backup camera for driving safety. Some also include side display cameras and avoidance alarms. However, until recently, cameras in cars were an expensive option. Now, for safety sake, they should be a required option. Cameras and LCD video displays are very affordable and the option shouldn't add too much more to the price of the car, and it makes sense that any reasonable expense to improve driving safety is warranted. In most setups, the backup camera is connected to the backup light wiring in the rear of the car, with a small digital camera mounted on or near the rear license plate. When the driver places the car in reverse gear, the backup light is activated thus powering the camera. The video display mounted on the dashboard is then activated and the rear view is displayed with up to 170 degree coverage and eliminating most blind spots. When backing up without a camera those blind spots to the left and right rear of the car, and objects below the rear window, are hidden. With the camera, everything directly behind you is visible, even at night. Most of the backup cameras include an infrared light array (6 to 8 leds) that illuminates up to 20 feet behind the car.

Various systems from a number of suppliers are available on or, starting at around $29 and up to $220 (or more) and include LCD color monitors from 4.3" to 7" and high resolution cameras with or without night vision capability. The video signal can be hard wired through your vehicle to the monitor on your dashboard, or transmitted using a wireless module and received at the LCD display. The wireless feature makes the installation easier, and adds only about $10 or $20 to the cost of the system. However, a wireless system can have reception problems while hard wiring the video is more reliable.

Below is short list of the various backup camera systems available via Amazon and eBay

Click to Visit eBay

Backup Camera and Monitor Kit For Car,Universal Waterproof Rear-view License Plate Car Rear Backup Camera + 4.3 LCD Rear View Monitor--$29.99

Product Details

Pyle PLCM7500 Car Vehicle Backup Camera & Monitor Parking Assistance System, Waterproof, Night Vision, 7'' Display--$76.80

Product Details

4.3" TFT LCD Car Rear View Backup Parking Monitor + Reverse Camera Night Vision--$28.87. Click to Visit eBay

4.3' TFT LCD Car Rear View Backup Parking Monitor + Reverse Camera Night Vision

7" TFT LCD Car Rear View Backup Monitor+Reverse Parking Night Vision Camera Kit--$39.99. Click to Visit eBay

7' TFT LCD Car Rear View Backup Monitor+Reverse Parking Night Vision Camera Kit

AGPtek Night Vision CMOS Wide Angle Rear View Camera with 4.3-Inch TFT LCD Screen and Back up License Plate--$39.99

Product Details


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