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April 2016 Vol 22 # 4 TurboTax Home & Business 2015

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TurboTax Home and Business 2015 from Intuit, a Time Saver

By Howard Berenbon

This year was no different than every other tax year.  I gathered all required tax information stored in a separate envelope that I collected starting in March of the previous year.  By the time March 2016 rolled around I had all required records to begin my yearly pilgrimage to Taxland that must end April 15th (unless I require an extension, but I never do), my goal, file my family’s taxes, including my dad’s.  Prior to TurboTax, it was a difficult time in my life.  My dad’s taxes, because he was retired, were fairly simple, but time consuming without TurboTax. Just a simple Federal 1040A and state forms required at least 3 days. Once done with his taxes, I was in the mood to continue with my complex returns covering personal and business taxes, for my home software business. My returns would take at least a week, once I finished with my dad’s returns.  The simple return got me going, and I liked the simple math required, but it was still time consuming, plus you had to copy your finished forms, either by hand, or at an office supply shop, if you didn’t have a printer with a scanner.  The last step was to mail the forms into the IRS and state tax authority, hoping that the mail would get through.

Now, fast forward to 2016 and forget about mailing your returns at your post office, you can quickly and easily eFile, and with TurboTax, Federal eFiling is free for the first 5 returns. TurboTax charges $24.99 for each state return eFiled.  And, that’s what I did after 3 days working on four separate tax returns, including my dad’s 1040A form with lots of breaks, I might add, and some entry errors and one problem with eFiling—a rejected return.  My return was more complex because of the business, and I was done in just a day including eFiling. The next day I received my return acceptance by the IRS and state.  And that’s the beauty of using TurboTax.

TurboTax Home and Business 2015 installed in about 10 minutes from CD, and in no time I had it load the previous year’s forms and I was on my way.  I prefer the CD version, but you can also download the software, or even work with their online version.  It’s up to you. Everything appeared the same as TurboTax 2014 Home and Business, but it did have a question on your health insurance, now required, either privately, or through  I uploaded a video of stepping through the interview on my channel under Dummy Reviews. Let me know what you think.

For more information, or to order, visit It currently costs $74 plus shipping for the PC/MAC CD.

Intuit Inc.
2500 Garcia Ave.
Mountain View, CA 94043
Phone: 1-800-446-8848

USB Endoscope/Borescope 0.3MP 720P Camera from GIWOX

By Howard Berenbon, Cyber News & Reviews

This is a great, inexpensive, tool any home owner should have in their electronic tool box. It’s a tiny, 8 mm diameter 0.3 MP, 720P camera sensor on the end of a 5 meter flexible water proof cable with a USB connector on the other end. An adapter is included for connecting to an Android phone making it more portable, but requires installing an app from Google Play. It also includes some small attachments to help with viewing. The camera module had 6 built-in adjustable led lights around the sensor for viewing in dark places. A small CD is included with their video capture software for taking stills and videos, Amcap and Smart Camera2.2.1 which does not require installation, just run the .exe file and it’s ready to capture still photos or videos.

This is a versatile little inspection camera that can be used to look inside your home walls through holes drilled or electrical outlets, insert it into holes caused by an insect infestations (I had ants in my walls, and found the entrance to the nest with this little camera), inspect your plumbing or check your insulation in your ceiling or walls, just to mention a few uses. You can peer into places where the sun won’t shine, but I don’t mean to use the endoscope for a do-it-yourself colonoscopy. It’s not meant for medical use or personal inspection, which is clearly stated on the instructions. I received the camera for evaluation from Giwox.

Below is a copy of the video taken of my ventriloquist dummy, Nathan—he’s Little Jeff, a doll created and sold by the famous ventriloquist Jeff Dunham. The video was clear, but its frame rate was low causing a one or two second delay between images noticeable when I moved the camera.

For more information or to order the Qiwox Endoscope visit It's selling for $26.39 with free shipping on orders over $49.

I also have another youtube video of the review with two examples: a carpenter ant infestation found in our bedroom wall and a colonoscopy of Nathan the dummy.



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