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May 2019 Vol 25 #5 . Inexpensive Lapel Microphone for Blogging

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Inexpensive Lapel Microphone for Blogging

By Howard Berenbon

I’m always looking for hardware and software to review that compliments my Youtube channel.  And, last week I found an inexpensive Lapel/Lavalier condenser microphone on Amazon for $9.99 that I thought may improve my Youtube video audio.  It's model PV610+ from PoP voice. I have been recording with two different microphones:  either the microphone built into my Canon PowerShot Elph 110HS camera, or an inexpensive stand alone microphone I plug into my PC for recording with OBS Studio when streaming live or talking technology on my Youtube channel.  So, I ordered the microphone on Amazon, and in just a few days it arrived packed in a padded envelope.  Bye the way, you can see the review I did on Youtube on my tech channel, if you follow the link below.


Unboxing the Microphone

Of course, it’s a lapel microphone so it’s going to be small, and was packed in a small box:  see below. After opening the box, I found the microphone on a clip attached to a 6.5 ft cable, stored in a small black pouch with a small set of instructions.  Also Included were 3 wind muffs and a 4 pin to 3 pin 3.5 mm adapter for use on your desktop or laptop PC.

For the test, I plugged the microphone into the mic input of my desktop PC and launched OBS Studio.  And, because I did not read the instructions, I didn’t know I should have used the included adapter in my PC.  For use on mobile devices, like iPhones, Androids, iPads or tablets, you don’t use the adapter.  So, without knowing, I recorded my Youtube video microphone test without the adapter. To my surprise, on playback, the audio was great.   Since the audio turned out well, I was a happy Youtuber.

So if you’re looking for a good quality low cost microphone, I recommend the Pop Voice Lavalier microphone because it sounds great and is inexpensive at $9.99. However, no audio specifications were listed on the instructions, with one exception.  On the front page of the instructions, it showed a picture of the microphone and 360 degrees at the top, which meant it was an omnidirectional microphone.  I then checked the Amazon listing and it said it was an omnidirectional condenser microphone with noise cancellation, but with no other specifications.
For information, or to purchase the microphone, visit
The Pop Voice Website is at

Lavalier Microphone from Pop Voice includes 5 free Federal e-files and one state download. For more information, or to order, visit It currently costs $9.99 with free shipping on Amazon for qualifying orders $25 or more.


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