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June 2019 Vol 25 #6 . It's Easy Updating Your Amazon/Kindle eBook

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It's Easy to Update Your Amazon/Kindle eBook

By Howard Berenbon

So, you've published your latest eBook, or your first, on Amazon in Kindle eBook format, and you're excited that all your hard work is done and you can relax and check for reviews and maybe get some royalties. But weeks after your hard work of editing, reformatting, and finally uploading your final version, your readers alert you to some errors. Oh, no and how embarrassing! Well, don't panic! Amazon makes it fast and easy for you to update your eBook. And here's how.

Kindle Create

Open the Kindle Create app in your PC or Mac, and resume an existing project. Then use the search tool to find the errors in your text and fix them. Don't forget to search for the whole manuscript for those errors and then save it. Next, click Publish and it will create new Kindle file with your changes.

Kindle Direct Publishing

In your browser, enter to access Kindle Direct Publishing and log in to your Amazon account. It will open into your Bookshelf and you'll see a list of your online eBooks. Select the dropdown menu on the far right for the eBook you want to update, and click on Edit eBook Content. You then click on Upload Manuscript and browse to the folder on your computer where the Kindle Create file was saved, and click on upload. Click on next to access the pricing section (you can change the price if you'd like), and then click save. Your new file will be processed, and when upload is complete, it will list the book as Live again.

After your file is initially uploaded, it will check for spelling errors and list any found. At this point, you can review the errors, and you can skip them and it will continue to process your file. If you need to correct the errors, you'll have to go back into Kindle Create and fix them. Then you go back online into Kindle Direct Publishing and upload the new file.

Your updated eBook will be active, or Live, in 24 hours or less. Last night I fixed some spelling erors in my latest book, Casinos in Space, and after uploading the manuscript, KDP found one spelling errror that I missed. So, I had to re-edit the file in Kindle Create, and then start the uploading again. It was live the next morning.


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