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July 2019 Vol 25 #7 . Tips to Get & Keep Your Youtube Subscribers

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Tips to Get & Keep Your Youtube Subscribers

By Howard Berenbon

So, you've started a Youtube channel on your favorite subjects, and now you're gaining subscribers. Let's say you've reached the 1,000 subscriber mark, required by Youtube to monetize your channel. I'm sure you'd like more subs, who wouldn't, because the more subscribers, the more money you may generate. Your goal, like any other Youtuber, is to make a living. But, don't fret, you'll need tens of thousand of followers daily at your channel to generate some decent money. But, it's possible to make money with your channel, that is, if you have the right subject and a flair for entertaining, or teaching. Below are some tips from experts that I follow on how to grow your channel, and keep your subscriber base intact.

A Few Good Tips from Some Experts

Nick Nimmen

Upload frequently, and offer a time and a day you'll be adding content

Interact with Your Subscribers

Use thumbnails to attract viewers and subscribers

Create a professional backdrop for your studio

Tim Schmoyer - Video Creators

Create video ideas that will grow your channel

Use storytelling to grow your channel

Don't do sub4sub, you can get your channel terminated

Derral Eves

Use analytics to track and build videos that will be successful

YouTube Metrics that Matter: How To Get More Views

Use real time analytics to find momentum on your channel and see what's happening to your videos in the last 48 hours

Sean Cannell from Think Media

Best camera equipment for Youtube beginners

How to find video ideas that get massive views

How to make money with affiliate marketing

Brian G. Johnson

Use target marketing to grow your channel

Mistakes new Youtubers make

Youtube commenting tips

Become a successful Youtuber: Livestream

Get Subscribing

If you subscribe to any or all of the above Youtube experts and follow their advice, you'll get the help you need to start or improve your Youtube channel. And maybe their advice will propel you to great Youtube heights and success. Good luck!


Youtube Creators Help Forum

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