FreeCAD Computer Aided Design and Find and Remove Public Information Online . July 2014 . Vol. 20 No. 7

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FreeCAD Computer Aided Design Software and for Help Deleting Private Information

By Howard Berenbon

FreeCAD: It's a Free Full-Featured Computer Aided Design Program

If you're interested in learning and using computer aided design (CAD) graphics for mechanical engineering product design but have a limited budget, FreeCad is what you need. It's  full functioning CAD modeler with all required features you'll need to make that first design. Though FreeCad is 100% open source, that doesn't mean it's inferior to the paid CAD programs. In fact, it offers many features included in the paid professional packages. One advantage is that it's modular allowing advanced extensions and customization. Also, the program is available for Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

I used FreeCAD to help build a logo from a 3D maze maze generated in the Python language. I was able to rotate the graphic in space and capture the 3D look I needed for a new site I recently launched to help find and removing unwanted personal information on the Internet (see To download, visit

Some FreeCad Resources

FreeCAD Site


Download with Recommended Projects

Wikipeida for Help Removing Personal Information on the Internet is a new Website launched to help find personal, private and public information online with advice and articles on how to get those listings removed, if desired. If you don't want your private information visible to the world, you'll have to search, find and destroy it (I mean, ask for its removal. This may take some time if you find a lot of unwanted information. You have right to request request removal, or correct inaccuracies.

The search engine page offers dozens of databases for your research, not just Google and Yahoo. but links to the social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the people engines like ZabaSearch and Linkedin. Also included is a link to the Patent and Trademark database to help you search for intellectual property. You'd never know if someone has stolen a trademark or copied a patent unless you look for those materials online. Once you've found some of your information and decide you want it removed, the Website offers advice on removal with articles and links to other resources.

If you want to delete your personal data, or correct errors, visit and start searching. It's completely free to access.

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