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October 2015 . Vol. 21 No. 10

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Android Studio for Developing Apps in the Java Programming Language

By Howard Berenbon LLC Member/Manager
Software Exchange LLC

If you have an idea for an app that will change the world, and want to get it to the Android market at Google Play, the first step would be to download Google’s free app design suite, Android Studio for the PC platform.  Developing an app for the Google Play store doesn’t require a fee.  Just download Android Studio and the SDK (software development kit) and you could be competing with other developers offering useful programs for the Android mobile phone and tablet market.  Unlike Apple which charges a $99 yearly fee to the developer, Google has no yearly fee, just a $25 registration fee for opening a Pubisher Account. Off course, Google will take piece of your app profit pie when you make a sale. The charge is 30 percent of your selling price leaving you with a 70 percent profit, which is great.  To start the ball rolling and compete for a piece of the Google pie, just download and install Android Studio into your PC based computer (also available for Mac and Linux), and you'll be on your way to Internet success.  One catch though, you’ll need to learn the Java programming language, a variation of Objective C.  Fortunately, you’ll find several free sources for courses on the Internet to help you to your goal.  It won’t be easy, but if you have the aptitude and desire to learn the required programming language, the opportunity for success exists.

Android Studio is a free download at with the current version 1.5.

Once installed you can program and test your app within the studio.  Templates are provided for the different size mobile screens from the Android pocket phone to 10 inch or bigger tablet.  After you’ve perfected your project, you can publish it at the Google Play store.  Many developers offer a simplified version of their app for free, with the potential for the user to upgrade to a more feature-filled program for a small fee.  That’s a great business strategy.  If your free app is a hit, you could have millions of downloads with the potential of making big money on the upgrade. 

Online Sources for Learning Java


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