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Dec. 2014 . Vol. 20 No. 12

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The Best Paranormal Apps for Your Apple or Android Device

By Howard Berenbon

If you have any interest in the paranormal (ghosts, psychic phenomenon, etc) and maybe you're a skeptic but sometimes you find Ghost Hunters on the Syfy channel intriguing, take a look at my list of mostly free paranormal apps, just for fun. To experiment you’ll need either an Apple Iphone, iPad (or iPod Touch) or an Android phone or tablet.  With any of these paranormal apps, you could find yourself face to face with the spirit of dear old departed uncle Eddy, and then you’ll be a true believer.  In any event, the apps claim to be for entertainment purposes only, so don’t be disappointed just in case you don’t make any contact at all. To find and download these apps search Google Play or Apple iTunes.

Ghost Radar: Classic

Ghost Radar® attempts to detect paranormal activity by making various readings on the device. It sets itself apart by analyzing the readings and giving indications only when interesting patterns in the readings have been made. Also includes a voice to let you know when interesting words have been detected.

Ghost Communicator

Uses complex algorithms in an attempt to reach 'the other side'. This app takes inbound multiple readings then generates reciprocal signals and sends them out! The byproduct has to be seen to be believed.

Ghost Detector Free

This app acts as a medium between you and the ghosts. Ghosts channel messages to you through this app and you can detect ghosts around you.  It shows a radar with lurking ghost around you and some ghosts try to talk with you with a range of about 9 miles.

Ghost Observer

Ghost observer is a professional quality tool to detect, observe and communicate with spectral entities. It uses advanced technology to record and analyze paranormal frequencies, which is the best way to interact with the spirit world.communication from the spirit world.

Ghost O Meter

Ghost-O-Meter is a tool created for detecting ghosts. As Ghost-O-Meter detects paranormal activity the needle will move and vibrate. If the ghost readings are strong enough the light will glow brightly. If you actually find a ghost the counter will increase to indicate a successful ghost encounter.

Ghost Sonar Free

Ghost Sonar FREE © is an easy to use paranormal investigation app that employs several of the cutting edge algorithmic technologies.  It utilizes some of the same sophisticated and proprietary algorithms used in the Advanced version to analyze and report to you on various energy fluctuations. Unlike the ghost radars or standard paranormal detection tools, Ghost Sonar FREE © employs algorithmic based sensors that measure electromagnetic energy and sounds.

Ghost Hunter M2

Ghost Hunter M2 is an advanced, yet very easy to use, paranormal investigation toolkit. This toolkit has been specially designed for both the advanced and novice paranormal investigator. © Ghost Hunter M2 utilizes this device's advanced sensor array, driven by advanced and proprietary computational algorithms, to analyze and report on various energy fluctuations.

Ghost Detect Pro

Ghost Detector Pro is an application that uses your mobile device sensors to detect sources of variable magnetic emissions. Which could indicate us the presence of some kind of paranormal activity. The application will show a green dot on the radar in case there is nearby a source of magnetic emission with a detection range between 0 and 30 feet.

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