February 2006

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It’s Income Tax Time Again

Though it’s just February, before you know it you’ll need to be filing your federal, state and local income tax forms. By now, you should have received most of your 1099s and W2s, and you have all your receipts ready to make that big yearly tax calculation. If you do your taxes, by hand, like I used to do for so many years, you should really consider buying one of the tax preparation software packages. They can save you a lot of time as well as check for errors so you can get your refund fast. Below are most of tax programs available to help you calculate your income taxes for 2005. I highly recommend TurboTax (I’ll be reviewing TurboTax 2005 in March), but there are several others available.

Tax Software for 2005

TurboTax 2005 from Intuit

Intuit offers 3 software packages for preparing personal income tax:

1040 EZ for $9.95,

TurboTax Deluxe for all 1040 forms at $19.95. Supports all 1040 forms and provides step-by-step guidance to find extra deductions.

TurboTax Premier for all tax forms including business and investments at $39.95. Maximum confidence and tax-savings for more tax deductions, credits, investments and Schedule C.

Intuit URL turbotax.com

Quick Tax Canadian 2005

Standard--$39.95, Platinum--$59.95, Platinum 100 for tax preparers--$249.95, Quicken Suite--$99.95

Intuit CA URL intuit.ca/store/en/intuit/index.jsp


Standard, Prepare free, Print free, E-file free. States additional charge.

Deluxe, Print & E-file free, extra help and advice from J.K. Lasser’s Tax Guide, Life events guidance, free phone technical support, $12.95. States additional charge.

Ultimate Bunde, Print & E-file federal & state tax returns, extra help and advice from J.K. Lasser’s Tax Guide, Life events guidance, free phone technical support, $19.95. States included.

URL taxact.com


TaxSlayer Web free, Federal e-File, $9.95, State e-File, free

TaxSlayer Download plus Federal e-File, $19.90, State e-File, free

URL taxslayer.com

TaxCut from H&R Block

Standard, $9.95, Deluxe with TaxCut State, $29.95, TaxCut Premium with Advanced Tools and TaxCut State, $49.95. Online EZ 1040EZ, $5.95, Online Premium, 1040 forms plus extra advice, $19.95 and Online Signature, return signed by tax professional, $79.95. TaxCut Online requires additional fees for state return.

URL hrblock.com/taxes/

Complete Tax, Online Federal and State Tax Preparation

Online Federal Return $24.95, State Return, $9.95 with free e-filing

URL completetax.com

Howard Berenbon