Kaplan SAT® Premier Live Online 2010 Edition . November 2009 . Vol. 15 No. 11

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Kaplan SAT® Premier Live Online 2010 Edition
By Howard Berenbon

If your children are approaching college age, and want to get into a quality college, then they’ll need to be tested before applying.  One test that colleges use to judge the applicant’s ability and intelligence is the SAT® Reasoning Test (also known as the Scholastic Aptitude Test and Scholastic Assessment Test), administered by Educational Testing Service, and developed and scored by the College Board a nonprofit organization established in 1900. For help with the SAT and  other college preparatory exams, Kaplan Publishing, well known for college test preparation products and courses, has a new-for- 2010 book and online course to help your child get the best possible score on the SAT® (SAT testing is offered seven times a year at various spots in the US).  This massive 712-page book, called “Kaplan SAT® Premier Live Online 2010 Edition” has everything needed to help your children prepare for that important exam.  Because, the higher the score, the better chances that your son or daughter will get offered entrance into a top university, which can also mean scholarships and assistance. 

So, it’s best to prepare, and a number of resources, online and off, are available to help the driven student get into the best possible college (and maybe with some cool cash in the way of scholarships).  Because Kaplan has the experience, it’s a good place to start, and their new SAT Primer may be all the help you need. They also guarantee that you’ll get a higher score, or your money back, so they’re pretty confident they can help.

Quick Start and What’s Inside

This is a big book with lots of specific SAT help and practice questions plus a live, online, session with a real instructor.   Though it includes lots of good advice and practice questions, it’s meant as a companion for online instruction where you have access to videos, monthly quizzes , testing and videos.

You’ll start by registering your book online with its unique serial number at Kaptest.com/SAT/booksonline.  Once registered, you’ll start by taking the online Diagnostic Quiz and receive a percentage-based score used as a guideline on your progress through the lessons, skill-building practice, quizzes and other tests. The Diagnostic Quiz is designed to help identify your strengths and weakness for each section of the SAT exam so you can develop a study plan.   Also, once you register, you have six months to use the course online.

What’s in the Book

Although you really need to access the online course, you’ll find lots of good information in the book, which is divided into six sections (with fifteen chapters): Know the SAT, How to Attack the Writing Component, How to Attack the Critical Reading Component, How to Attack the Math Component, How to Prepare for Test Day and Practice Tests and Explanations. 

Chapter 1 offers SAT Basics with information like SAT Dates and How to Register, plus Test Format and Scoring.  Chapter 2 covers SAT Strategies with Strategies for Scoring Higher and Key SAT Answer Strategies.  Chapter 3 covers the SAT writing component including SAT Writing Basics and Multiple-Choice Questions. Chapter 4 covers Essay writing, Chapter 5 details SAT Multiple Choice Questions, Chapter 6 covers Critical Reading, Chapter 7 details sentence completion strategies, Chapter 8 offers Reading Comprehension Strategies—short passages, Chapter 9 covers Reading Comprehension—Long Passage question types and strategies and Chapter 10 covers Vocabulary-Building Strategies.  The math component is covered in Chapters 11 through 14 with SAT Math Strategies, Basic Math Concepts, Advanced Math Concepts and How to Avoid SAT Math Tips.  And Chapter 15 offers Strategies for Test Day Success.

Kaplan SAT® Premier Live Online 2010 Edition sells $35, and that’s a low price for a comprehensive SAT preparation course, and I recommend it.  For more information, or ordering, visit Amazon.com.

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