So, You Want to Develop Mobile App? . May 2012 . Vol. 18 No. 5

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So, You Say You Want to Develop Mobile Apps?

By Howard Berenbon

You say you’ve got the next million dollar game or application idea for the Apple iPod, iPad or iPhone (most popular devices on the market) and you can’t wait to jump right in and make it so.  However, one big problem stands in the way of you becoming the next mobile app millionaire:  you have no experience in programming and don’t know where to start.  We’ll look no further because I’ve found a lot of great information on mobile programming you won’t want to miss, including resources for building your own, a free course on programming apps from Harvard Online, and companies that will take your idea and build it for you (for a fee). 

Programming Your Own Apps

If you’re ambitious, and it can’t hurt to have a background in computer or software engineering, you should have the ability to program your own using one of three programming languages: Java, Objective C or HTML5.  If you don’t know the ins and outs those languages, you will need to study up, and then try to tackle your project.  If you don’t have a solid background in programming, or don’t have the time or desire to learn, you have another option, which is to pay some company to tackle your design idea. This can be costly, but if you plan on making millions, a few thousand  dollars or more, won’t make a difference.  Also, if you want to cut costs you can look for designers offshore, like India, for much less then what local US companies charge because their hourly rates are so reduced (maybe even one quarter the cost of US designers).

Apple iSO Developer Program

Before you begin the take on the mobile app challenge for Apple products, you need to get approval from Apple before you can offer your design to the world through iTunes. You’ll need to get their blessing if you want access to that huge iTunes marketplace. So, if you’re ready to start programming, then you’ll need to join their iOS Developer Program for $99 a year which gives you a complete and integrated process for developing apps for distribution through the Apple Store. But first you’ll need to register with Apple at:

Start looking around at their rules and regulations.  You’ll find everything you want and need to know about Apple apps including how to design them and they include some samples.  Start in the iOS Developer Library for articles, guides and videos for getting started and what they require. You’ll also find links to information on developer tools, browsers for mobile devices (OS 5 and Safari), developer forums, development videos and even technical support for reporting bugs, etc.  It’s also important to check out the iTunes app store review guidelines so you know what they are expecting from the app you submit which includes a reliable app that perform as expected, and cannot have any sexually explicit or offensive content. It’s important to follow their Apple trademark and copyright guidelines, too.

Xcode 4 Free Application for Your First App

If you own an Apple Mac, you can download Xcode 4, which is a free integrated development program from the Mac App Store for designing apps for the Mac, iPhone and iPad.  The download is accessible from the iOS Dev Center (see link above).

Free Mobile App Course from Harvard Online with Prof. Dan Armendariz and Prof. David J. Malan

Computer Science E-76: Building Mobile Applications, Harvard Course Video Lectures

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