June 2003

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AddWeb Website Promoter Version 6.0 from Cyberspace Headquarters, LLC  and Enclave from Vivendi Universal and Black Label Games

By Howard Berenbon

AddWeb Website Promoter Version 6.0 from Cyberspace Headquarters, LLC

AddWeb Website Promoter Version 6.0 is the latest and greatest version of an excellent Website promotion tool from Cyberspace Headquarters, LLC, I originally reviewed in November 1999 and then again in August 2001 with AddWeb Version 4.0.  AddWeb 6.0 was recently released with more great features then ever before, including 10 great Web site optimization and submission tools you won't want to live without.  You can upgrade from an older version, or buy new.  Whatever you do, don't hesitate to get in on the latest version of AddWeb.  You and your Web site won't regret it.  You can submit to thousands of search engines, directories and link sites in a matter of minutes, analyze your site for maximum search engine positioning, get live statistics on your Web traffic, build doorway pages for more exposure and track your page ranking in the major search engines, to mention the key features.

Before you submit, you will want to use AddWeb's PageAdviser to analyze your pages and check the content that can affect your Web site's position placement.  You don't want to submit your site and then get penalized by a search engine for content not accepted by that engine.  AddWeb really shines when it comes to helping you optimize your Web site before submission, thus guaranteeing a better search engine ranking right from the start.

After you've optimized your pages, it is now safe to submit.  Enter your site information, select the search engines, pick your categories, enter your keywords, enter your SMTP server and e-mail address, and you're ready to go.  It includes a very good Windows help file indexed with lots of topics, an AddWeb overview, links, hints, news, 2 primers, 11 tutorials, 7 articles, an excellent submission reporting feature and more help direct from the Cyberspace HQ Web site.  Also, each time you run the program you may be alerted to install their free program and search engine updates, if available.  If you visit their Web site, don't forget to subscribe to their free monthly e-marketing newsletter. 

Here's a rundown of the AddWeb 6.0 tools:


Submits your website to thousands of search engines in minutes.


Exchange links with thousands of other webmasters with this utility.

Page Advisor

Automatically analyzes your web pages and shows you changes required to get the best search engine ranking for your content.


Use Page Builder to optimize your web site for top ranking on search engines.  It automatically inserts position-boosting code like META tags and Heading tags.

Rank Check

After submission, use this tool to check your ranking on the major search engines.  It also compares your results with your competitors.

Pay Submissions

Some search engines are now charging a fee for fast submission.  This tool allows access to those sites and services including pay per click sites.

Search Tool

This tool within AddWeb 6.0 allows you to search all the major engines at once to check your competitions' ranking.


Check who's visiting your site with their SiteStats LIVE module. Statistics include their origin and the keywords they used to find you.


The reporter gives you detailed reports on submission, optimization and ranking and includes the list of search engines with success and failures.  It offers several output options.

FTP Uploader

Includes an FTP uploader so you can quickly upload your optimized pages to your Web space. It also integrates Microsoft FrontPage.

AddWeb 6.0 has several new and improved tools and additions in several areas including submissions, ranking and reporting, scheduling, page building and advising, link trading and more.   For example, they're offering 80 new search engines and engines are separated by category.  Ranking is also broken down by category. PageBuilder allows multiple pages edited with a single click.

Three versions are available: The Deluxe edition is recommended for the small company with a single Web site, at $69.99.  The Platinum edition is recommended for the medium size Web site with no more than 10 URLs, at $149.99.  The Professional edition is recommended for the large company and can handle unlimited URLs, at $299.99 .  If you own AddWeb 3.0, 4.0 or 5.0 you may upgrade to AddWeb 6.0 for a reduced price.

This is a great product at a great price (starting at $69.99). It's well designed and easy to use, with excellent reporting features and clear documentation (that's important to me).  If you need to promote your Web site, then Addweb 6.0 is the right tool for the right job.

AddWeb Website Promoter Version 6.0 from Cyberspace Headquarters, LLC, works on any multimedia PC with a Pentium processor running Windows 9x/Me/2000/NT/XP. Click for more information or to order.

If you'd like to try before you buy, you can download an actual working demo.

Enclave from Vivendi Universal and Black Label Games

If you're into adventure games like recently reviewed Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring (March 03) http://www.cyber-reviews.com/mar03.html), Enclave could be the next addition to your 3D fantasy game collection. You'll enter a medieval world where forces of the light, known as the Enclave, struggle with the minion of the dark for survival.

Before you begin you must understand the meaning of the word "enclave" to appreciate the intriguing basis of this adventure.  Enclave is defined as a "foreign territory surrounded by a specified country."  The "foreign territory" is the prosperous and magic land of Celenheim.  The "specified country" is the dark and evil Ark Moor, now readying to overtake the land of Celenheim, as the rift that separated the two different worlds is closing.

As an active participant in this adventure you can choose to be either an agent of the prosperous Celenheim or of the dark Ark Moor with different missions based on that decision.  If you're a fan of the Lord of the Rings, you may find the world of Enclave as complex and challenging as Tolkien's brilliant creation.

Here's a preview of the characters you'll encounter.  On the Cerlenheim, or light side you'll find the Knight, the Huntress, the Wizard, Druid, Engineer and Halfling.  On the Art Moor, or dark side, you'll find the Berserker (a strong Ogre), the Assassin, the Sorceress, the Lich (undead magic welder), the Bombardier (deranged fanatic) and Goblin.

Installation on my Pentium III, 550 mHz machine from the 3-CD set was 10 minutes, including installation of DirectX8.1b, required for the 3D graphics and used 2.5 GB of hard disc space.  Since the minimum requirements called for a Pentium III, 700 mHz machine with an accelerated graphics card, I wasn't expecting the game to run.  However, I was pleasantly surprised to find it worked fine on my PC without any trouble.

You start a new game by entering the game name and the level of play: Easy, Medium or Hard.  Next, choose a campaign, either on the side of good (Light Side) or evil (Dark Side) and then sit back and watch a brief narrated history of the rift that created the Enclave.  After choosing the Light Side, my campaign began.  I found my character, a Knight, in the Iellon Dungeon.  Obviously, I had to help him escape, and it wasn't an easy task (at least for me).   You'll marvel at the intricate details of your surroundings, the lighting and the mood that Black Label Games and Starbreeze Studios have created.  It's raining, and you'll hear the steady patter of the rain, thunder pounding in the background and water dripping from the roof into a pool below the jail cell.  The 3D graphics are superb as you maneuver your Knight through his cell and into the halls of the dungeon searching for a way out and the perils that may await you.  You control your character with the keyboard.  With your left hand, the "W" key moves him forward, "S" moves him back, "A" moves to the left and "D" to the right.  As you move toward critical areas, messages are displayed with hints.  The mouse is used to rotate the scene to the left, right, up and down controlling your perspective and offering a breathtaking view of the area and all its fine details.  The left and right mouse buttons are used for combat with a number of traditional and untraditional weapons.  Unfortunately, the arrow keys are not used and I caught myself trying to move the Knight without any response.  However, I quickly adjusted to the left hand keyboard controls and continued the journey.

The game offers 25 levels of play with lots of 3D indoor and outdoor scenes, action with or without blood and gore (the blood and gore may be disabled), music and 3D sound effects, rated M for mature.

Enclave sells for  $29.99 and will run on any multimedia PC, Pentium III 700 MHz or faster processor, 3D accelerator (D3D compatible) TNT2 or equal, 32 MB RAM with Windows 98/ME/2000/XP, a 4x CD-ROM drive,  DirectX 8.1 and compliant video card. 

Howard Berenbon

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Cyberspace Headquarters, LLC
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Phone:   818-593-4900

Vivendi Universal Games, Inc.
4247 S. Minnewawa  Ave.
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Phone:     1-866-341-0879
URL enclavegame.com