January 2002

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Barbie Secret Agent from Vivendi Universal Interactive Publishing

Girls, ages 6 and up, are you ready for a great adventure game with your all-time favorite character, Barbie?  Well, join Barbie and friends as she travels around the world looking for clues to catch the thief who stole a top-secret fabric used to make an invisible suit.  Vivendi Universal Interactive Publishing (makers of the Knowledge Adventure products) and Mattel teamed up to make this excellent 3-D interactive adventure that any girl who loves Barbie couldn't resist.   You'll find great graphics, music and sound effects as you travel with Barbie to Paris, Egypt, Tokyo, New York and Rio meeting friends, solving puzzles, your goal to nab the mysterious thief.

After a quick installation you're ready to go into training.  You'll first practice moving Barbie through mazes and use her gadgets.  Then you'll start your mission.  Several options await you in three different modes of operation.  In the Adventure Mode you'll pick an outfit for Barbie that lets her blend into her environment.   You use this mode for investigating new areas and talking to other characters for helpful information.  In the Stealth Mode, Barbie can sneak past guards, tumble and roll, and move undetected under lasers and video cameras.  In the Action Mode, Barbie can move very fast, jump high and leap across rooftops.

The gadgets available to enhance an exciting mission include the PDA, personal digital assistant, to help solve puzzles and crack codes, the Pink-Vision Glasses for viewing secret messages, a Telephoto Camera, an invisibility Compact, a Robot Spy Puppy, a Wrist Glider, a Perfume Tracker and a Lipstick Recorder.

Becky, my 7-year-old daughter, lately loves anything related to spies and spying, and having Barbie part of the fantasy just made it even better.   She loved the ability of moving Barbie around real world and interacting with the other characters.

Barbie Secret Agent sells for $29.99 and will run on any multimedia PC, Pentium 266 MHz or faster, 64 MB RAM with Windows 95/98/ME/2000 and a 16x CD-ROM drive. 

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