February 1997

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Disney's Toy Story and Aladdin Activity Centers

Kids who loved Disney's Toy Story and the Aladdin animated movies will love these two CD-ROM activity centers from Disney Interactive. They'll re-live the movie and interact with the characters for hours of fun and learning at the computer. Although these CDs are recommended for children ages 5 and up, Becky, my two-year-old daughter, enjoys them as well.

Disney's Toy Story Activity Center

Toy Story Activity Center is both educational and entertaining offering an interactive journey into Disney's latest animation masterpiece. The main menu is Andy's room where you can visit Pizza Planet, travel to Sid's room (the bad kid), play Sums Up, a math card game with Hamm, play Five In A Row, a board game with The Green Army Men and the Little Tikes and finally design pictures with Marble Art.

But that's not all. From Sid's room, you'll play Code Breaker to help save Buzz, use Creature Creator to build new toys from Sid's parts collection and tinker with Sid's Boom Box for sounds and special effects.

Pizza Planet offers fun with Slimon and more. In Slimon, the Aliens take you on a gooey activity that tests memory and sequencing skills. You'll find Fusion Flow, a 3-D maze game that helps develop logic, critical thinking and spatial-visualization skills. And finally, there's the Mystic Portal Theater offering some exciting video clips from Toy Story. You can re-live the finale where Buzz and Woody are rocketed into the sky and glide, in style, over the moving van to drop neatly through the car's sunroof and into a cardboard box next to Andy.

Toy Story Activity Center will run on any 486-50 MHz or faster IBM compatible multimedia computer with 8 megabytes of RAM and Apple Macintosh (68040 or faster processor) multimedia computer with 8 megabytes of RAM (16 megabytes of RAM Power Macintosh). The computers require double-speed CD-ROM drives or faster.

Disney's Aladdin Activity Center

Aladdin Activity Center offers eleven fun and educational activities accessed from four locations on the main menu map. There's Agrabah Marketplace, the Cave of Wonders, the Royal Palace and Sultan's Theatre. Each of the locations contain picture puzzles, memory games, mind-boggling mazes, spelling activities, music games, picture matching games, coloring and painting, connect the dots and the Sultan's Theatre for movie clips.

The activities are moderated by Aladdin's favorite genie, played by Dan Castellaneta who does a great job of imitating Robin Williams, the original voice of the genie. Williams' humor and wit helped create this fun and lovable character.

Aladdin Activity Center will run on any 486-25 MHz or faster IBM compatible multimedia computer with 4 megabytes of RAM and Apple Macintosh (68030, 16 MHz or faster processor) multimedia computer with 5 megabytes of RAM. The computers require double-speed CD-ROM drives or faster.

Sarah, my 5-year-old daughter, loves anything Disney including movies, cloths and, more recently, CD-ROM software from Disney Interactive. She spends hours a day playing the Disney activity centers, and never tires. Even, Becky, my 2-year-old daughter, likes to click around the activity centers until she finds things she can do. She's learned to create pictures, paint and activate the video clips.

Toy Story Activity Center sells for $39.95 and Aladdin Activity Center sells for $28.95. For more information contact Disney Interactive at 1-800-900-9234.

Disney Interactive
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Burbank, CA 91521-8432
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