June 2005

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3D Vision System from eDimensional, Inc.

If you have an interest in the world of 3-D and video games and have wondered if there are any gadgets that will let you see 3-D images on your PC’s monitor, then don’t hit that browser back button, because you’re at the right Website.  This month I’ve reviewed 3-D glasses and connecting hardware from eDimensional, Inc., and you won’t be disappointed to find that you can play games in true 3-D.  In fact, you can even buy software that converts your DVD movies into 3-D movies that work with the glasses.

The package includes one set of wired 3-D glasses, installation software and an interface that connects to the CRT or LCD monitor output on your video card, with a relatively low price tag of just $69.95.  After plugging the glasses (wired version—a wireless version is also available) and monitor cable into the interface, and a quick installation of the video card specific drivers from a single CD, you’re ready to play your games in true 3-D.  Forget about those terrible red and blue lens glasses that so many movies require to achieve 3-D imaging, at the expense of a big headache for most of us.  This system doesn’t work like that.  It splits the image into two, one for each eye, and using a shutter mechanism on the glasses, it flickers on and off to create the 3-D effect.  That’s it!

To play in 3-D, run your video game (most of the new games will work), and hit the video-card specific key to activate the 3-D glasses. For nVidia cards press Ctrl T, or any other card (ATI, Intel, or others), press F5.  Put the glasses on, and get ready for a real 3-D experience.  If you have Microsoft Flight Simulator, that’s a perfect game to get the perfect 3-D effect.  Now, there are some adjustments you may need to make, like moving the double images closer or further apart to enhance the effect, but I didn’t need any adjustments.  After placing the glasses over my prescription eyeglasses I immediately noticed the effects.  Objects popped out of my monitor without any adjustments.  I noticed the screen was much darker than normal (about 50 percent reduction without the glasses), but a quick fix to that problem is to simply increase the brightness on your monitor.

Sarah, my 13-year old daughter tried several games with the 3-D glasses, including Unreal Tournament 2004, a multiplayer action adventure from Epic Games.  She said the 3-D glasses were great.  Especially when the character's weapon popped out of the display.  She let me take over the game for a few minutes, and I was impressed.

The eDimensional 3D Vision System sells for $69.95 ($99.95 for the wireless version) and will run on any multimedia PC, Intel or AMD 400 MHz or faster processor, 64 MB RAM with Windows 98/ME/2000/XP, any video card, 10 MB of free disk space and a CD-ROM drive.  It includes a pair of 3-D glasses, a video synchronization adapter, adjustable earpieces and the E-D Quick-Start Software CD.  For more information or to order visit eDimensional, Inc.

Howard Berenbon

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