August 2005

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GroupMail 5 from Infacta Ltd.

Way back in April 2000, I reviewed Aureate Group Mail  (from Aureate Group Corp.), a free and easy-to-use Windows based bulk mail program for managing any and all mailing lists.  Well, Aureate Group Mail is now called GroupMail 5 from Infacta Ltd. in Ireland.  They still offer a free, completely functioning (but limited), version that will work fine for the home user sending mail to small groups, and it’s new and improved.  If you operate a business, or manage large groups for personal use then you’ll want to upgrade to one of their two full-featured programs.  The Personal Edition sells for just $99.95 and the Business Edition is $249.95.

Freeware Features

The freeware version works just fine, but you’re limited to sending e-mail to a maximum of 100 recipients at one time, you can only send through a single e-mail connection and you have limited address book import capabilities.  If you’re on a limited budget and it’s for personal use, then the freeware version will work just fine.

GroupMail 5 Personal Edition

For only $99.95, you can unlock the latest and greatest features of GroupMail 5.  It allows you to manage groups of any size and is much faster because it allows multiple connections and you don’t need to send your message through an SMTP server.  You can import and export in a variety of database formats, including to and from your e-mail exclusion list.  The personal edition allows access to several free downloadable Add-ons to help you manage and maintain your groups automatically. The free Add-ons include processing and updating Double Opt-In, Opt-In and Opt-Out requests, send auto-response messages, remove bounced messages and recipients, delete messages and unwanted e-mails from your inbox, call database stored procedures and display a detailed report on all your group e-mail actions.

GroupMail 5 Business Edition

The Business Edition includes all the features in the Personal Edition (including the Add-ons), but with more features and faster.  It allows you to send large mailings very quickly, using up to 256 delivery connections (about 100 times faster than the Personal Edition).  You can import Outlook, Group Wise, Lotus Notes, Exchange and Pine address books and distribution lists and offers Database Direct Linking & Importing (ADO/OLEDB/ODBC), Scheduling, Queuing, Background sending, MS Outlook Integration, routing, XML document support and more.

After a quick download (using cable Internet) and a quick installation, it won’t be take long import or create your group mailing list and send your important announcement, newsletter or special discount coupons to your subscribers.  The built-in editor allows you to easily design your message, and then send it to your group, at the highest speeds available (depending on the edition you’re using).  I manage a few Internet mailing lists, and I was able to install GroupMail 5 Business Edition, import my lists, design a message, and then e-mail everyone just about 15 minutes after the installation.  And if you have any problems or questions, they offer an excellent searchable help feature. If you need more help, you’ll find support, including tutorials and a knowledge base, at their site.  If you’ve paid for an upgrade, then you can contact Infacta for technical support.

After you run the program, a main menu screen will appear.  It offers three ways to access your groups: from the top and left side navigation buttons, and at the center of the screen.  Your first task will be to set up your account, accessible under the Tools menu.  Under Account Properties and User Information you’ll enter your account name and e-mail address and under Delivery Options enter your SMPT server name.  Next, under setup, enter your e-mail authentication settings, and that’s about it.  Now you’re ready to create your group and enter or import data.  Finally, you’ll create your letter, and then send it to your recipients with a click of the mouse.

Here are your options from the main menu:Messages

Create a New Message
Review Sent Items
Use a Template


Create a New Group
Search Groups
Import Recipients


Managed Scheduled Events
Exclusion List
Database Connections
Web Services
Message Related Options


Check for Updates

GroupMail 5 is a full-featured, professionally written, group mail program that works well with lots of functions.  You can personalize and merge individual information into any message, send personalized messages to each of your recipients, check your spelling, import and export information and even add plug-ins that will automate functions like subscribing and unsubscribing recipients and processing bounced mail.  You can also copy, move, merge and purge recipients between Groups, send HTML (rich) formatted messages and images, filter your groups and much more.  It's easy to import records, from all kinds of sources, and you can select the criteria for specific types of records required.  It will follow your rules and make a group database with your requirements.  Maybe you'd like to e-mail everyone who purchased your product one year ago, but not the recent customers.  Well, GroupMail 5 can help you with that task in a flash. So, if you need to manage any mailing list, download the free GroupMail 5 today.  If you register the program for $99.95, you'll get all the latest features and Add-ons, free updates and full expert technical support.

Howard Berenbon

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