Two Free PC Anti-Virus Anti-Spyware Programs Worth Mentioning . April 2012 . Vol. 18 No. 4

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Two Free PC Anti-Virus Anti-Spyware Programs Worth Mentioning

By Howard Berenbon

Last month I reviewed the latest Vipre,  a great anti-spyware anti-virus program that I’ve been recommending for years.  Vipre, as well as a number of the popular computer security programs, like Norton, McAfee, Kaspersky and others, charge for the real-time active protection and that makes sense. The best programs for the best protection run in the background, but there’s a price for having active protection, which can cost from $35 to $80 plus a year.  I think it’s necessity to have at least one of these programs running , especially if you run a business, buy online using your credit card (who doesn’t buy through eBay or Amazon), but some people just won’t.  If you can’t afford the software, or just don’t want to pay the fee, there are a few free alternatives.   It’s not too late to rethink your decision and just buy the protection, because you may pay in the end with your credit card or even your identity compromised.  At the least you may lose all your data and have to pay someone to reformat your hard drive and re-install your operating system.  That’s very inconvenient.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Version

If you don’t have the cash, but want to keep your computer relatively safe, you can download the freeware version of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware from and if you’re careful and practice safe surfing, your computer will stay safe.  The free version does not have real time protection (you pay for what you get), so you’ll have do a daily scan, and with a little luck, you won’t get into too much trouble.  Even if you pick up a Trojan or two, Malwarebytes can rid the beasts.  It will also find and remove worms, rootkits, rogues, dialers, spyware and everything that’s lurking on the Internet and waiting patiently for your visit. You do have to update the database when you run it (usually daily), but it’s so fast, it only takes a few seconds.   You do have to be diligent about scanning your computer daily, maybe start with quick scan, and if it finds something suspicious, then launch into their full scan.  I would also do a full scan at least once a week even if your computer seems clean after a quick scan.  You never know.

Here’s What You Get

Advanced Malware Detection and Removal
Industry Proven Clean-up Technologies Eradicate Existing Malware Infections
Rapid Response Malware Database and Heuristics Updates
Access to our Expert Community and Knowledgeable Support Team (Email/Forums)
Chameleon Technology Gets Malwarebytes Running on Infected Systems
Multi-Language Support (currently 35 and counting!)

Here’s What You Don’t Get, Unless You Upgrade to Anti-Malware Pro

Real-Time Active Malware Prevention Engine Blocks Known Threats
Heuristic Protection Prevents New Zero Day Malware Infections
Malicious Website Protection Blocks Access to Known and Zero Day Malicious Web Content
Automatic Priority Updates and Scheduled Scanning
Blazing Fast Flash Scans

After you try the free version for a few months, you may decide to upgrade to their Pro version for complete protection, and at $24.95 that’s a real bargain.  For more information, visit for the free download.

SUPERAntiSpyware Version 5.0.1146

This is the second in a number of free Internet security programs that work s well, and is easy to use.  It’s  a free download from  When you enter the site, you can click the red Free Edition download button, and the 13.8 MB file will download.  To install, run the program, and in a minute or two you’ll be ready to test for threats.  The program offers protection from spyware, adware, malware, dialers, Trojans, key loggers, worms, parasite, root kits and more. Before you download, you are offered their advanced version with real time protection for just $19.95. It’s good to know you have that option, but for now, you can try before you buy.

The main menu is easy to navigate, with access to four types of scans including Quick Scan and Compete Scan (full scan).  You can also check for updates from that screen.  I jumped right in and selected Quick Scan, then clicked on the big “Scan Your Computer” button next to the scan types, and it started to roll.  After about 12 minutes of grinding, it found 79 tracking cookies and 1 Adware coupon bar—nothing serious.  But, I was determined to free my computer of those invaders, so I selected the interlopers and clicked Remove to remove, and they were gone.   If you use your computer for more than pleasure (like for business), it may be wise to upgrade to their professional version for real-time protection and more.  It’s only $19.95.