April 2000

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Math Blaster for 1st Grade and JumpStart Adventures 6th Grade from Knowledge Adventure, Media Magnet 2 from WebGrip, Inc. and Aureate Bulk Mail from Aureate Media Corp.

Math Blaster for 1st Grade from Knowledge Adventure

Okay Blaster Pals, are you ready for another great Math Blaster educational game from Knowledge Adventure?  Well, hold on to your seats because Math Blaster for 1st Grade will rocket you to math success with some fun learning activities for kids ages 5 to 7. It offers the same great graphics, animation and sound effects found in the other Blaster series of educational CDs with arcade-style games and activities.

Both Becky (who is 5-years old) and Sarah (she's 8) couldn't stop playing the game after we installed it.  In fact, Becky was familiar with some of the activities from the earlier Blaster games and jumped right into it.  The goal is to help Max Blaster, G.C. and Mel help the animals in the Intergalactic Zoo to get some exercise.  As you work through the math-based games, you earn trading cards.  After you've played the game a while, you can go to the Treasure Room and check the Star Chart for your progress.

The activities include racing with the Gnat Zapper for addition and subtraction, sorting with Crazy Bugs, measuring with Feed the Woozerps, telling time with Knock-a-Clock, math with Eggdrop and more.  You can even print out math problems and number stories for some math fun away from the computer.

Math Blaster for 1st Grade sells for a street price $19.99 and will run on any multimedia PC, Pentium 90 or faster, with 16 MB RAM running Windows 98/95 and a Power Macintosh, system 7.5.3 or higher, with 32 MB RAM.  Both computers require a quad-speed (4x) CD-ROM drive.

JumpStart Adventures 6th Grade from Knowledge Adventure

If you want to help save the Earth while leaning math, geometry, grammar, ancient history and more, then you'll find JumpStart Adventures 6th Grade from Knowledge Adventure the CD to buy.  Kids, ages 10-12, will spend hours at the computer while getting a jump start on the 6th grade.  It offers lots of arcade-style games and activities, with great graphics, sound effects and animation to keep your kid's mind in the fun world of computerized learning.

After signing in, you'll be swept away and into the adventure with an animation sequence that sends a monkey into Earth orbit.  Next, you'll find yourself in the control room of EarthQuest where you'll see the state of the world on a wide-screen monitor on the wall across the room.  Here, you'll meet Uncle Eli, Zack and Jess who you'll work with to save the world's environment from disasters caused by the destructive ART robots while improving your 6th grade skill.

This is a very well thought out educational adventure that will surely capture any 10 to 12 year old with a variety of educational activities designed to for fun and learning.  And once they sit down at the computer and start the game, they won't get off until they complete their mission.  This is another great game from Knowledge Adventure.

JumpStart Adventures 6th Grade sells for a street price of  $29.99 and will run on any multimedia PC, 486/66MHz or faster processor, with 16 MB RAM running Windows 98/95 and a Power Macintosh, system 7.5 or higher with 11 MB RAM.  Both computers require a quad-speed (4x) CD-ROM drive. 

Media Magnet 2 from WebGrip, Inc.

If you need to tell the world about your new product or service, then Media Magnet 2 from WebGrip, Inc. (makers of Traffic Builder) is the best way to do it, fast and easy.   This software, for IBM compatible computers, will definitely make your press release submissions just a click away.  The database includes over 11,000 media resources on the Internet covering many different categories.   And it's simple to use.  First, compose your press release using their editor (you can use their press release templates), select the types of contacts you want your press release to reach and your ready to go.  They include about 5000 or more daily newspaper contacts, radio and TV sources. Don't forget to enter your e-mail and server details, and click send to broadcast your announcement to the world.  When it's done, you'll get a detailed report of your submissions.

Get ready for a flood of e-mail and lots of response to your press release.  If you select the complete list of daily newspaper source, be patient.  It can take some time to send out over 5000 press releases, but this depends on the speed of your Internet connect.  In my test, it took about an hour to send out 300 releases.  But, I'm connected to the Internet using a 56k modem that averages about 28k.. If you're connected by cable or DSL modem, this may only take a few minutes. Also, you can expect to get some returned e-mail because no list is perfect.  But WebGrip updates their database frequently, and you can download these updates from their Web site. You can also add  your own contacts to their database on your computer.   The program is free to download, but is limited to 5 submissions.  You can purchase the unlock code allowing access to all 11,000 plus media resources sells for $149.95.  For more information visit WebGrip.com.

Aureate Group Mail from Aureate Media Corp.

Aureate Group Mail, from Aureate Media Corp. is a free and easy-to-use bulk mail program for managing any and all mailing lists.   This is an excellent e-mail manager for anyone who sends mail to a large, or even, a small group. Use it to announce new products or services to your opt-in mailing list, or even manage a newsletter.  Start by creating your message using the editor, get your mailing list into the program and then send.  That's all there is to it.  It's easy to import records with up to 20 fields, from all kinds of sources, and you can select the criteria for specific types of records required.  It will follow your rules and make a database of record with your requirements.  Maybe you'd like to e-mail everyone who purchased your product one year ago, but not the recent customers.  Well, Aureate Group Mail can help you do that in a flash.

This really is a full featured, professionally written, group mail program that works well with lots of functions.  You can personalize and merge individual information into any message,  send up to 4 personalized messages to each of your recipients, check your spelling, import and export information and even add plug-ins that will automate functions like subscribing and unsubscribing recipients and processing bounced mail.  You can also copy, move, merge and purge recipients between Groups, send HTML (rich) formatted messages and images, filter your groups and much more.  So, if you need to manage any mailing list, download Aureate Group Mail today.  If you register the program for $49.95, you'll get a code to enable the bulk sending option, free updates and fixes, full expert technical support and a version without advertisements. For more information visit Aureate Media Corp.

Howard Berenbon

Software/Hardware Companies Mentioned

Aureate Media Corp.
8777 Purdue Road, Suite 225
Indianapolis, IN 46268
URL group-mail.com

Knowledge Adventure, Inc.
19840 Pioneer Avenue
Torrance, CA 90503
Phone: 1-800-545-7677
URL knowledgeadventure.com

WebGrip, Inc.
PMB 137
16420 SE McGillivray Ste 107
Vancouver, WA 98607
Phone: 360-833-2906
Fax: 520-752-3587
URL webgrip.com