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August 2016 Vol 22 # 8 Some of the Latest Popular Mobile Apps

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Tour of the White House with George W. Bush & Howard

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TurboTax Home & Business 2015 with Nathan the Dummy on Youtube

Vipre Antivirus & Superantispyware with Nathan the Dummy

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February 2016--SUPERAntiSpyware to the Rescue from
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October 2015--Android Studio for Developing Apps in the Java Programming Language
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March 2015--Vipre® Internet Security 2015 from ThreatTrack Security
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January 2015--The Incredible Foldscope(TM)--an Orgami-based Optical Microscope from Prakash Lab, Stanford University
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November 2014--Royalty Free Stock Photos and Images from US Government Sources
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June 2014--The Roku 3500R Streaming Stick

Some of the Latest Popular Apps

By Howard Berenbon


If you want to temporatily share your location with your friends, or loved ones, then use Fringle. It shows your loction a map for those who care, and includes a chat function.

NBC Olympics

This is an offical Olympicas app from NBC. It lets you follow what's going on, and includes video hightlights, schedules and athlete information that may interest you. It will also include direct links to live events.


This is a welcomed weather app offering a personal weather forecast every morning. Probably really needed in winter weather situations, but not necessarily for summer, warm weather. Also includes maps for the area.


This is a tourest app for those who want walking tours around cities you visit. Right now, it's only available for San Francisco, but they hope to release tours of New York City and Los Angeles sometime soon..

T-Mobile Tuesdays

If you use T-Mobile, then you want this app. It offers rewards on Tuesday (off course, it's in the title) like free food or movies tickets. Another feature is unlimited data for Pokemon GO users. That's happily acceptible because everyone is doing it, Pokrmon GO, I mean!


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