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June 2017 Vol 23 #6 . DJI Drone Videos & Puppet Parodies on Youtube

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DJI Phantom 4 Drone & Puppet Parody Youtube Videos

By Howard Berenbon

Here are a few of my latest drone/quadcopter Youtube videos using my DJI Phantom 4. Also listed, and unrelated to drone flight, are my funny, silly and zaney puppet parodies. It's all for fun. Any feedback, positive or negative would be appreciated. Let me know what you think. For more of my Youtube videos please visit

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Drone Registration Update

In December 2015 the FAA passed a law requiring anyone using a drone/quadcopter over 0.55 lb to register their aircraft with the FAA. However, a recent court case brought by model aircraft enthusiast John Taylor in January 2016 challenged the 2015 law and won. Now, new drone owners for non-commercial use are not required to register their UAS. It appears that the FAA violated a 2012 law passed by Congress that prohibited the FAA from passing rules against the operaton of model aircraft. So, unless you are using your drone commercially, for your business, you won't have to register with the FAA. But once registered, you will need to re-register.

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Sunny Toys Full Body Puppets 28" Dad/Magician


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